Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammys 2009: The Wrapup

Well, well, well! look who walked away from last night's ceremony with the first award of the night! Congratulations to J-Hud for winning best R&B album of the year; she deserved it. And who could forget that heart-felt speech and performance? She killed it! Plain and simple. That had to be one of my favorite performances last night. I cant say that it takes the cake, because Radiohead was that shit also. I'm still trying to figure out how they can be so great. I thought their performance of "15 Steps" was just genius. Also, I had to hold my breath the whole time M.I.A. was on stage. I so don't know how she made it through; her baby was due to be born last night.

When it comes to awards, i must say that Lil Wayne was robbed for "Album of the Year". Who the hell is Plant & Krauss???? And how did they win? OK, I already know how they won, but Lil Wayne had the biggest selling album of 2008. If they were counting units instead of votes he would have won. They got 1.2 million to Wayne's 3 million. Robbed! Other than that, Katie Perry entered the stage in a giant bananna! I do hate the fact that the show was 3.5 hours long. I was so ready to go to sleep. And whats up with Boyz 2 Men doing back up for Justin Timberlake [who filled in for the missing Chris Brown]? If anything, they should have been singing up front with Al Green while Justin took the back. Overall it was a good show. Kudos to Coldplay for the Srgt Pepper outfits. Click the images for a larger view.