Monday, August 31, 2009

Drake & Trey Songz "Successful"

I freakin love this song! I especially like the way Trey added a new verse to it. Get into that Obama quote at the end! They need to make a duo album asap!

An Open Letter To Trey Songz's Fans

Dear Trey Songz Fans,

I'm truly sorry if the following letter angers or offends you in any way. In an attempt not to appear to be a hater, I will not straight rag on Trey Songz's new album, "Ready". Instead I will give an honest review of what I felt after listening.
First and foremost, the only song that stood out to me after listening the first time was "LOL :)", and that was only because of the off the wall collaboration with Soulja Boy. After a second attempt to listen to it "Jupiter Love" stood out a bit more. But, the fact of the matter is that this album is nothing special. I couldn't listen to it the second time all the way through. Not because its terrible, but because its simply mediocre. After hyping this album for the better half of this year, Trey Songz has failed to deliver amazing material. He does try to go for more of an edgy, rock R&B sound on some songs such as "One Love" and "Black Roses", but it doesn't quite push the genre anywhere. Keep in mind that I'm a guy that actually does listen to various genres of music. I cant listen to an amazing album from Radiohead, Kanye West, Bjork, Black Eyed Peas, and Amy Winehouse and then listen to mediocre work and appreciate it. I know the preceding artists are all in different colors on the musical spectrum, but as the saying goes, "real recognizes real" [if that makes any sense]. Even as I write this letter, I wonder, what separates Trey from the average run-of-the-mill R&B artist? His vocal abilities and arrangements are EXTREMELY reminiscent of R.Kelly, he doesn't produce any of his own music [which makes him dependent on the abilities of others], and he doesn't come off as a musical genius at all. To me, a great album is one that I can listen to for three days straight and still like it enough to listen to it again the next week. I'm sorry if you don't agree, but "Ready" is not an album that I will be listening to next week. Furthermore, another thing that turns me off is the fact that Trey only finished recording this album several weeks ago. In my opinion, an artist should record a lot, take a break, reflect on their creation obsessively, and then tweak it before releasing it. I'm not going to tell anyone not to buy this album, I just want you all to listen to it and come to your own conclusions. Especially you female fans. Would you really go so hard for Trey Songz if you thought he was ugly? Trey probably wonders the same thing. After all, check the album cover!

Your favorite N*E*R*D,
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Shwayze "Get U Home"

The official music video for Shwayze's "Get U Home", from their album "Let It Beat", due in stores October 27, 2009. The song will also be featured in the movie "Sorority Row", and the music video is directed by Stewart Hendler, who is also the director of the movie.

And just when I thought their career was dead...

Mary J. Blige "The One (feat. Drake)"

I thought this song was just for the phone commercial....

Kid Cudi "Follow Me"

I kinda like this one.
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Mario "Thinkin About You"

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Whitney Houston "I Look To You" Album Review

Well, shes back with a new album in stores today. And if you're wondering why folks are coming out with albums today, a Monday, its because August 31 is the cut off date for Grammy nominations 2009–2010.
With production from Akon, Danja, R. Kelly, StarGate, and Swizz Beatz Whitney returns to the scene with a lukewarm album. I'm sorry to dash anyone's hopes [how many of my readers are long time Whitney fans anyway?], but the album is not that great. To me it really doesn't have that signature Whitney attitude/ swag/ funk/ whatever, and maybe that's because she only has writing credits on two of the 11 songs. Just about all the songs are all lovey-dovey. One would think that after all the drug problems and the divorce from long time husband Bobby Brown, Whitney would be singing a different tune. And this is Whitney Houston; "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "I Will Always Love You", "Greatest Love of All", "I'm Every Woman", "You Give Good Love", "I Have Nothing", "Saving All My Love for You", etc! Don't hate me for ragging on the lyrics, cause they don't quite cut it. She actually sings, "I'm a soulja girl" in the albums final track, "Salute". I did say I could faux with it, but after hearing it twice ,I don't know. Over all, I would give this album 2.5 stars out of five. Sorry Whitney...

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