Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Album Review: Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom

I'm not even going to waste my time and write an extensive review of Alicia Keys' latest effort "The Element of Freedom," I'm just going to say flat out that it is boring!
Please tell me why, on this, Alicia's fourth album, her music has not progressed much, phonically speaking, from her debut in 2001? Never mind... To be fair, Keys did do a small bit of experimentation with different instruments on this album, but she is still stuck behind the piano. It seems as if all the songs blend into the next. I did have high hopes after finding Drake and Beyonce listed as features on two songs only to hear Drake sing background and Alicia place very overused and simple piano cord progressions over a bombastic beat Beyonce probably rejected from her album.
Alicia Keys is a very talented individual, and as such I really expected to hear some creative growth on "The Element of Freedom". What I got instead are a hand full of more piano songs to go along with the rest shes written. The only two songs I can imagine myself listening to on a semi-regular basis are "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart" and "Un-Thinkable [I'm Read]" featuring Drake on background vocals. "The Element of Freedom" lands in stores today.

Alicia Keys - Intimate Studio Performances

Early yesterday Alicia Keys blessed the internet with a video detailing an intimate studio performance of her two new singles as well as a few oldies. "The Element of Freedom" is in stores today. Check the video below.

Robin Thick - Sex Therapy and Shakin it for Daddy ft. Nicki Minaj [Live on 106 & Park]

Robin Thicke hit up 106 & Park yesterday evening for an exclusive performance of his latest singles "Sex Therapy" and "Shakin It for Daddy" with special guest Nicki Minaj. "Sex Therapy" drops in stores today, and what an amazing album it is. Check out the performances below.