Friday, August 22, 2008

Silas Autumn 2008 Lookbook

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Not so Hot Lesbian Action.....

Rapper Da Brat was sentenced to three years behind bars, seven years of probation and 200 hours of community service Friday morning (August 22) for striking a woman in the face with a rum bottle. The October 2007 incident at an Atlanta-area nightclub left the victim’s face permanently scarred. According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Gail Flake handed down the punishment, while about six members of the rapper’s family quietly wept inside the courtroom. Da Brat (born Shawntae Harris) told her relatives “I love y’all” as she was led out of the courtroom by sheriff’s deputies. “We love you too,” they replied. Well, at least she'll have someone to hold through the night....

Mario "Dont Do It"

Boy, boy, boy, this kid can sing, that's why I'm perpetually perplexed by the fact that his albums don't sell!

New Music by Usher

I dont know whats been up with this dude lately, but Usher has been on some serious bull! the album sucks, all these internet tracks that have been leaking over the past few months suck; Usher sucks! You would think that after all the drama he's been through in the past year he would have channeled that energy into his music.

The Cool Kids "Delivery Man"

Terrence Howard "Sanctuary"

Ok, ok, ok...... Am I getting punked????! It sure feels sounds like it. I heard that Terrence was getting into the record biz, but this ish is too terrible! What is with all these people who want to branch out into different areas of entertainment? Soon enough we're gonna end up with a musical saturation of actors who cant sing and a tv full of singer who cant act [hmmm wait a minute.....]. But anyway, Howard is working on his first album, having already recorded a track with Chris Brown. Howard has described the album, containing Spanish guitar and R&B and scheduled for a September 2008 release, as "urban country". Smph! What the hell is "urban country"???! I predict a catastrophic flop in the near future.....