Tuesday, June 9, 2009

+ toy story 3?!! hazaa!!!!!

I'm pretty sure the kid that owned these toys is a grown man by now lol.

+ Bow Wow Talks About Chris Brown's Mental State

+ killed by ninjas?????!!! g-t-f-o-h!!!

I usually don't blog about tragedies or celebrity drama, but this is something that definitely caught my attention. As you all should know by now actor David Carradine, the guy that played Bill in the Kill Bill movies, was found dead a few days ago in Thailand naked and hung in his hotel closet with ropes tied around his wrists and genitals. At first, speculations of suicide were all over the internet, now the New York Post reports that "a secret sect of kung fu assassins could have silenced actor David Carradine as he delved into their shadowy activities, according to his family’s lawyer." Attorney Mark Geragos suggested that Carradine may have been killed as he tried to uncover groups working in the martial-arts underworld.
The lawyer said the actor’s family refuses to believe he died in a sadomasochistic sex stunt gone wrong — despite his being found naked with a rope tied around his neck, wrists and genitals.
The bizarre claim was made on “Larry King Live” on CNN Friday after a panel member said, “David was very interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies.”
“What that means is connected to martial arts and his interest in martial arts,” he continued. “And so there is a suspicion that if there was some foul play, that that may be the first area where they should look.”
Is this not the best thing you've heard this decade? My only hope is that when I die people speculate that I may have been killed by secret ninjas!
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+ Supra Cuban Grey Wool & Purple Colorway

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+ Maison Martin Margiela Ankle Sneakers

Fresh..... These are now available via colette.
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+ mtv revives "unplugged" with adele

Its about damn time the folks at MTV return to doing programs about music. All the reality shows can bite the dust [with th exception of The Real World of course]. Watch Adele perform “Chasing Pavements,” “Hometown Glory,” “Cold Shoulder,” and others, with exclusive interview clips interspersed.

+ tyga "the potential" mixtape

Well, here it is! After a little bit of confusion this morning, Tyga dropped his latest mixtape, The Potential, on his Twitter and Myspace pages. All I can say is that this is a phenomenal piece of work here! Every track is something I can listen to on repeat. i just started listening to this guy last week, and I am officially a fan of his work. I love when artist do this; they debut with some mediocre / lame piece of work, then they spend time crafting their skills and follow up with an excellent body of work. This mixtape goes so hard!
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+ Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon

Be honest; you know you're gonna be checking for the reunion lol!