Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another artist claims that Chris Stokes “bump bump bumped” him!

We all remember the Chris Stokes and B2K craziness earlier this year where the members of B2K claimed that Chris controlled their lives and finances, child molestation with Raz B and how he and his brother were probably paid off to retract their statements against Chris Stokes.
With that horrible memory now in place, another former artist under Chris Stokes has finally came out! His name is Quindon and this is what he told Vibe Magazine:

Looking back, he says he was “manipulated,” “cheated,” and “sabotaged” by Stokes. But according to Tarver, the damage to his career was just the beginning. “I have had some things that haunted me for quite some time,” he says, his voice in a whisper. “He is a very dirty, rotten guy.”
“For a certain amount of years, I was molested. I wouldn’t say exactly by Chris, but he would organize it.” Tarver stops speaking. It sounds like he’s hyperventilating. “He’d organize activities to be done as he sat and watched … Watching or coaching, if you will.
He would make another member of [Immature] like come and do things … Oh my God. Four years. It was rough.”
Tarver says Stokes made him take showers with the other boys. He says Stokes would ask him, “Who do you think of at night when you masturbate?” He says Stokes made him and Marques Houston kiss each other. “[I can take] a lie detector test, anything,” he says. “This is just a little bit of the things I went through.”
Quindon says his “crying days are over”. He has forgiven Stokes and Immature. “I’ve given it to God. He can take care of it better than anyone can. I think [Stokes] felt like he killed my name, killed my career, everything. But see, what God has for me is for me, and it ain’t nothing he can do about it. [Stokes] is not going to stay on top forever….God isn’t going to allow that”.

Jeez lueez! I don't even know what to say about this one......

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