Monday, December 1, 2008

Colin Monroe is the Unsung Hero

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Custom Japanese Vehicles by Satoshi Minakawa

Acronym Fall/ Winter 2k8

Today is World AIDs Day.....

Do you know your status?

Top Albums of 2008 [in no particular order]

Well, well, well! Who knew Beyonce's little sister had so much talent? I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed Hadley St Dreams. There isn't one song on the album that I would skip over, and that's all I ask of any music artist. When it came to originality, talent, vision, and execution Solange definitely delivered. In my opinion Solange gave us the album of the year [sorry Kanye and Beyonce]. I will even go as far to say that Hadley St Dreams is one of the standout albums of the past decade. How about them apples?! Other must have albums of 2008 include both Kanye albums [even though Graduation was released last year, Kanye did so much with it this year that it deserves to make my list], Holly by Justin Nozuka, 19 by Adele, and Frank by Amy Winehouse which was originally released in 2003 across the pond, but was rereleased as a deluxe edition with exclusive demo tracks and rare performances on June 8th of this year.

Britney Spears "Circus"

I'm not a fan, just an objective listener; but, I'll just go ahead and say that the last album was slightly better. Yeah I said it lol. But I will say that "Blur" is that sh*t. The beat goes hard.

Kanye West ft. Tyrese "Say You Will [Remix]"