Monday, January 12, 2009

Behold, The Future!!! Muhuhahahaha!!!!!!

LG announceds 3G Touch Watch Phone at CES. The LG 3G Touch Watch Phone($TBA) features 7.2MBPS 3G HSDPA and a full touchscreen interface on a diminutive 1.43 inch screen, a built-in video-capable camera, voice recognition, either with or without a Bluetooth headset, text-to-speech for reading text messages to you aloud; a music player, a built-in speaker, and stereo Bluetooth support. The LG 3G Watch Phone is Europe only for right now, with a release date of sometime in 2009. Click 2 enlarge!

Shut the F*ck Up and Hoe Sit Down!!!!!

As usually, 50 cent is running that rabbit jaw of his yet again! This time the man is more miserable than ever.

50 Cent has hit out at rival Kanye West - accusing his fellow rapper of going soft. [50 Cent] called out West for ditching rap in favor of soppy love songs on his new album 808s and Heartbreak – and even suggests the Stronger star is gay.

50 is so incensed that a hardman rapper is singing ballads he was moved to parody West in song. Heartless Monster – on Fiddy’s new album, Before I Self-destruct, due out in spring - rips into Kanye’s love song Heartless.

It includes the taunts, “It’s the return of the heartless monster/I should give you n***s a whole R&B record/808s and my heart’s broken/I hate all these f***ers with the rainbow colors on.”

A source added, “Everyone is surprised at how seriously Kanye is taking his new music. He doesn’t care what people think. “50 said he would hang up his mic last time Kanye beat him to the top spot. But he’s come back with a new album and hopes to reclaim Kanye’s crown.”

Part II - Fugg-a-Mugg gets at Weezy & Oprah:

50 Cent Dares Lil Wayne To Respond To New Dis Record, ‘Play This On The Radio.’ 50 Cent obviously isn’t waiting for Lil Wayne to explain. But the G-Unit’s commander-in-chief is keeping an ear out for a response from the New Orleans native. 50 disses Wayne, Oprah Winfrey and apparently Kanye West in a new record called “Play This on the Radio.”

“First they said that f—-t’s hot, then they let that junkie shine,” 50 raps to lead off the record. “Gave him all the f—in’ trophies, tell me, where the f— is mine?”

As the song closes out, 50 threatens Wayne. “I’m on your heels, Mr. Carter. I heard you. You want me to ‘die ugly?’ OK. Don’t end up on the list, n—a. Be a missing person like Cam’ron, like Ja [Rule], like [Fat] Joe. Who wants some?”

50 called into DJ Whoo Kid’s satellite radio show on Saturday and alluded that the first part of his rap was aimed at Kanye West, and confirmed that the second part was aimed at Lil Wayne. Fif explained his latest barbs at Weezy were in response to a record called “Louisianimal” that landed on mixtapes in November. (The song debuted on a mixtape by the Empire, whom Wayne has repeatedly admonished in public for bootlegging his dated material.)

On the record, Lil Wayne threw a light but obvious jab at 50, saying, “All about a dollar, f— two quarters/ B—h, I’ll pour syrup in that vitamin water/ I hope you die ugly, and tonight will be gorgeous.”

“When he said it, I don’t know if it was old or new material,” 50 explained to Whoo Kid. “But because he didn’t say anything [to clarify the timing of the song], I take it that he meant for it to be out there right now. When that hit the street and you don’t hear him say, ‘That was old’ … Em don’t got time for you, period. I will mop the streets with your a–.”

50 told Whoo Kid that a response to “Play This on the Radio” would be a foolhardy effort on Weezy’s behalf. “If he says something back, I’m gonna drop the bomb on his a–,” 50 warned. “It’s gonna be hard for me to get off him. “He’s a talented artist,” Fif continued, “but if you put him in a space when we’re in direct competition, my consistency will break his neck.”

Also during the interview, 50 talked about the shot he takes at Oprah Winfrey in “Play This on the Radio” (”I don’t wanna chit-chat on your sofa/ I ain’t Jay-Z, f— you Oprah”), accusing Winfrey yet again of being “prejudiced” against hip-hop. 50 Cent’s next LP, Before I Self Destruct, is slated for an early February release.

I bet a million trillion dollars that Oprah , Lil Wayne, and Kanye don't give two shits what 50 Cent has to say in regards to their careers [the picture above really says it all]. Lets face it, all of the above had such a great year in 08, and where the f*ck was 50??? Please be reminded that this is the same guy who said he would hang up his mic if Kanye sold more records that him; a year and a half later here we are..... YOU LOST 50, GIVE IT UP!!!!!!!

I Am HELLA Late With This!!!!!!

This is my NEW NEW shit right here. Theophilus London [actually his real name] continues to give me what I want to hear! His latest release "This Charming Mixtape" hits the net this month on the 26th, and you already know it will get posted here. London's debute album "This Charming Man" is set to be released later this year.

Ciara "Roll Call" ft. Lil Jon & Lil Wayne

Death of Autotune Mixtape

This is pretty fresh......
Download here.

Kanye to Pose Nude????!

Ok, so last week I informed you all of Kanye's appearance in the latest issue of Vibe magazine. I thought the man was just gonna give a list of his top favorite songs, but clearly I must have forgotten who I was writing about. Mr. West has yet again opened his mouth to give us more to talk about.

“I definitely feel, like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I’ll pose naked. I [want to] break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture,”

West insists his striptease would make big headlines, whereas such a controversial statement by certain other stars, like Bjork, would go largely unnoticed.

He explains, “If she wanted to pose naked, you’d (public and media) be like, ‘Oh, that’s Bjork.’ But if I wanted to pose naked, people would draw all type of things into it.”

Kanye, on behalf of the hip-hop generation [and the other generations, for that matter] please keep your cloths on. no one wants to see it. -15 cool points.