Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pump It? Or Dump It?

Ne-yo - "Don't Fall in Love"

I highly suggest you pump this one, but thats just me......

The Carter III Album Review

Before I get into this, I would like to remind you all that I am not a real big Wayne fan [please refer to my first post ever]. So, with that said, don't get upset if I don't tell you what you want to hear.

1. "3 Peat" [Prod. by Cool & Dre] - Nothing special. He could have shortened it down to an intro.

2. "Mr. Carter" [Ft. Jay Z] [Prod. by Just Blaze] - This is the first time I realized that Jay and Wayne have the same last name lol. This one has a nice beat, clearly done by someone affiliated with the Roc Boys. Just average.

3. "A Milli" [Prod. by Bangladesh] - This one got leaked a wile back. In fact, its already on the Billboard Hot 100. "I'd rather be pushing flowers than in the Pen. sharing showers." I knew I heard this one before.

4. "Got Money" [Ft. T-Pain] [Prod. by Play-n-skillz] - Average southern hip hop.

5. "Comfortable" [Ft. Babyface] [Prod. by Kanye West] - A stand out track. Could possible be a response to Beyonce's Irreplaceable. "To the left, to the left. If you wanna leave be my guest. You can step." A nice track by Mr. West. This actually doesn't sound like a sample.

6. "Phone Home" [Prod. by David Banner] - I'm very surprised by David Banner. This track is crazy! "We are not the same, I am a martian."

7. "Dr. Carter" [Prod. by Swizz Beatz] - This one is kinda soft and jazzy. I do love the metaphor of Wayne be a doctor trying to revive a wack rapper lol. Great lyricism.

8. "Tie My Hands" [Ft. Robin Thicke] [Prod. by Kanye West] - A little country and soulful. It is good to hear from Mr. Thicke again.

9. "Shoot Me Down" [Prod. by Kanye West] - Hands down my favorite! Thank you Mr. West!

10. "Playin With Fire" [Prod. by Streetrunner] - "I get better with time, like a watch. Osh gosh begosh! Posh Spice's husband can't kick it like I kick it. Bitch! I kick it!"

11. "Lollipop" [Ft. Static Major] [Prod. by Jim Jonsin & Deezle]

12. "La La" [Ft. Busta Rhymes & Brisco] [Prod. by David Banner] - This isn't the same "La La" that got leaked last year.

13. "Nothin On Me" [Ft. Juelz Santana & Fabolous] [Prod. by Alchemist] - Doesn't really get good until 3:01 when a new beat drops and so does Wayne.

14. "Let the Beat Build" [Prod. by Kanye West and Deezle] - Around 4:01 Wayne lets loose and kills it!

15. "Mrs. Officer" [Ft. Bobby Valentino] [ Prod. by Wyclef Jean] - A nice addition to the album.

16. "Misunderstood" [Prod. by ????] - All I got to say about this one is that Wayne completely MURDERED someone [ a non-rapper] at the end! I can't wait for the album to drop just so I can see what kind of controversy this one is going to cause. Trust, there will be controversy!

Over all, the album is pretty good. I don't see the reason for all the hype [never do], but it does stand out from typical southern hip hop. It is one of the few I can sit through without skipping around too much. Look for The Carter III, in stores June 10, 2008.

Hes Right, But......

I really wish people would shut the hell up and wait until after November before they start acting ignant on behalf of Obama! Sure, I agree with what was said, but at the same time it only throws salt on Obama's campaign.
On Thursday, Sen. Barack Obama said he was “deeply disappointed” by a supporter’s sermon at Trinity United Church of Christ that mocked his Democratic nomination rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.
Of course, the Clinton campaign released a statement faulting Obama. “We are disappointed that Senator Obama didn’t specifically reject Father’s Pfleger’s despicable comments about Senator Clinton, and assume he will do so.”

Pump It? Or Dump It?

Rihanna - "Disturbia"

This is from the upcoming re-release of Good Girl Gone Bad. This album has been in my iTunes since last July, and I still just don't get this chick. What is all the hype about?

Flashdance:: I love This Movie