Monday, September 8, 2008

The Cool Kids "Pennies"

Brandy "Departed"

I know I'm like 5 days late with this lol.

A Good Ass Job

As I suspected, Kanye West is scheduled to release his fourth studio album by the end of the year. Al thought he title is yet to be confirmed, it has been tentatively dubbed A Good Ass Job.
The first single to be released today is entitled Love LockDown [which was performed last night at the VMAs], while the album is due in December. And dammit, I must say, Kanye has indeed done a good ass job. Graduation did wonders for his career; the tour made mega bucks; and his latest work is still being played all over the radio and television. I personally am very interested in the new direction he is taking hip hop, and I'm sure the upcoming album will be another hit.

DNA Don't Lie!!!!!!!

OooooooooooH! Damn, I did say this Palin scandal was better than TV! Wow..... boy oh boy, if that baby comes out with a tan!

The VMAs

I absolutely must start off by congratulating Brittney Spears. She won her first moonman last night. Not only did she win one, but she got three [one for each category she was nominated for]. Finally the world got to see the adult Brittney. She was well composed and was in great shape.
But anywho, I was pleasantly surprised by the VMAs this year. I still hate the fact that MTV didn't host it in NYC. There were a lot of good performances though. Rihanna FINALLY performed with a little personality! She did an excellent job opening the show and also the duet with T.I. was great. Christina Aguilera, I must say, is the new Madonna. The woman has changed her image several hundred times in the past decade. I guarantee she will still be making music when shes 50. And with that body, she definitely deserves around of applause for being in shape so soon after delivering a baby.
Overall, the awards were solid this year. The only issue I had was with Russel Brand. What is up with that guy? I seriously don't know if that was an act or if he is just weird like that. Watching him was like watch a Shakespearean train wreck. At times I could hardly understand the dude. Also He poked too much at the Jonas Brothers. So what they all wear promise rings to remind them of their commitment to their own virginity. As Jordan Sparks said, "Not everyone wants to be a slut!"
Last, but not least, Kanye West; the man actually came back to MTV with a new song [love lockdown] after throwing a hissy fit last year. Apparantly when he said he would "never" come back to MTV, "never" meant 364 days.