Friday, June 12, 2009

Theophilus London "Ooos & Ahhs"

This is so unique.
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+ Interview with Pharrell Williams @ Art Basel Switzerland

Are you freaking serious? Lotion, Doritos, and cupcakes made of diamonds....? This is why world hunger still exists

+ Kid Cudi "Mr. Solo Dolo"

Is it me, or is Kid Cudi getting more and more lame as he progresses into the spotlight?
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+ Cassie "Must Be Love"

This video sucks so badly it makes me mad! This is like the lamest video Cassie has ever done [aside from " Me & U"]. It looks like they shot this in one day! They really could have came harder. Some dancing, maybe, and a set / wardrobe change.... And lets not forget about that damn haircut! That shit is not sexy; the song is sexy, but not that damn haircut! A great song wasted on a not so great artist!


Are you freakin serious???! She can sing better than she can rap!