Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Few Fashion No-Nos that I don't Care to See in 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, specifically gentlemen, the purpose of this particular post is "enlighten" you on things you probably shouldn't do in 2009 pertaining to fashion. I really don't consider myself an expert in this area, but I think I know enough to help some of you all [especially those who think they know, but have no idea]. Just humor me; I wont be long.
First, please, please, please throw away those fugly, "Frankenstein" square-toed dress shoes. They make your feet look like two cement blocks. A healthy alternative are wing-tipped shoes. These are timeless, and offer a certain sense of class that shows a bit more sophistication on your part.
Next, the zoot suit; burn them! These funky colored, 25 button front suits are trash! First, your suit should NEVER be any color besides a shade of blue, brown or black. They can have various colors within the pin-stripes [which can allow a more "festive" choice of shirt / tie/ shoe]. Also, a good suit will never have more than three buttons. Anything more is uncivilized. Keep it tailored, and keep your pants up.
The skateboard as an accessory; no! if you cant skate, leave it at home.
Last buy definitely not least, the "Kanye scarf"; it is called the KANYE scarf for a reason, but since some people just don't get it..... IF YOU ARE NOT KANYE WEST, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! I do have to admit that they are hot right now. I almost pulled this trend last winter, but I saw one guy on campus do it, and it was over for me lol.

What Happens when a Brit and a Frenchman Decide to Jump Off a 650m building?

So jumping of of something really tall, or skydiving, has just made my bucket list.

Pharrell Williams x Atelier WM Candles

On his recent trip to Paris, Pharrell made a stop at Atelier WM. They made a mold of his hand in the iconic Vulcan salute position, and turned it into a candle. Limited to 200 pieces worldwide, the candle will be available as of December 8th at colette and at BBC/Ice Cream stores around the globe. I wonder if they're scented.....

Cassette Playa x Nike Blazer Hi