Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sneaker Mirror

This is like the coolest thing ever. The screen uses the images of 100 iconic sneakers to recreate what the camera is viewing. Must be expensive.

Um, Say Word?????

Y'all know I try not to do posts that are too gossipy, but this shit right here is news! Word on the streets is that the ladies of Danity Kane are back together and are secretly recording an album without Diddy. I don't know how true this is, especially since Dawn is still under contract at Bad Boy [as far as we know], but it would be an excellent move. Think about all the cash they could get off of this. I guess we will have to watch the live finally of Making The Band tonight to see whats up. ALL the members are reportedly going to be there to confront the Didster. [*sigh] I love that show!!!!
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Rick Ross is That Shit; And I dont Even Like Gangsta Rap. Click the Pic For The NY Times Article.

Ciara "Like a Surgeon"

I can faux with this one....
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Word on the Street is that Pharrell has Undergone Major Surgery to Remove His Tattoos

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