Monday, November 10, 2008

Guess Who Filed for Bankruptcy Today.....

Did Anyone See this????

I first saw this last Wednesday. I nearly died laughing, it was so funny. I don't really even watch South Park like that. To watch the full episode Click Here. How the hell they lifted the election night speeches and put them in a cartoon so fast, I do not know lol.

Breaking News, Breaking News!!!!!

Oh, my mother effin goodness! Its has been confirmed by Kanye himself that not only will he be releasing a new album next week, but he is also planning another new album to be released in June of 2009! Oh yeah, below is the track list for 808's & Heartbreak.

1. “Welcome to Heartbreak”
2. “Heartless”
3. “Love Lockdown”
4. “Robocop”
5. “The Wrong Thing”
6. “In the Streets”
7. Title unknown
• Alternating heavy drum and beeping sounds
• More singing, loud wailing noises
• Long extended instrumental ending with “ahhs” whispering over it
8. “Real Bad News”
9. “So Amazing” featuring Young Jeezy
• Uptempo
• “I’m a monster, I’m a killer.”
• Loud animal screams and howls like “Love Lockdown”
10. “That You Know” or “Tell Everybody” featuring Lil Wayne
• Harder rock vibe
• “Tell everybody that you know, that I don’t love you no mo’”
• “I’m back up on my grind.”
• Wayne’s verse: “Shit stink ’cause it’s pee-eww”
11. “Coldest Winter”
• “Goodbye my friends, will I ever love again?”
• “It’s pouring…it’s pouring.”

Jay Z "History"

The Blueprint 3 is scheduled for a December 3rd release.