Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jazmine Sullivan "Lions, Tigers, & Bears"

Boooooo! Why does this video give me 1986 with the styling??? Come on Jazmine! J-Records / Arista needs to get this one together. Clearly she isn't without talent. People love the music, but we all seem to be disappointed by the videos. She just needs an image.

Danity Kane has Officially Been Dismantled

Thats right, you read it here. Dawn Richards reportedly told MTV News thats DK is a wrap. Apparently Shannon decided not to come back to the group.

“As of right now, [Danity Kane doesn't exist],” Dawn Richard told MTV News on Wednesday (January 28). “It’s devastating……for me.” “You’ll see me and Drea [Aundrea Fimbres] try and pick up the pieces on our own [on this season's show] — pieces that we didn’t even make,” she continued. “We didn’t even break it and we’re trying to sweep it up ourselves. Puff invited all the girls to come back on this season and they chose not to. Only two of us showed up. That’s fine if that’s the choice."

Oh, well. Another one bites the dust. I guess we should begin the countdown for their coed counterpart Day 26. I predict they will not last untill the end of the year [sigh].