Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"You're a Jerk" The mixtape

I must admit, I was really feeling that single "You're a Jerk" that I posted earlier. It got me thinking I wonder, do these kids have a mixtape? Low and behold I went and found something better; and entire playlist of jerk music! You are welcome!

ps: Just finished updating the template for this here blog! I swear if I see that much html again.....!!!

New Boyz "You're a Jerk"

This song is killing the rados in L.A.
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Drake-Hyde Park Interview (part i)

So....., he was kissing all up on Rihanna!

Commonwealth x Reebok Pump Omni Lite - Sea Foam Colorway

Scheduled for a release in August, Commonwealth look to renew their collaboration efforts with Reebok, on another outstanding pack of the brands staple Pump Omni Lite. Consisting of three colorways, Commonwealth unveil a closer look into one of the more popular, the sea foam makeup, which is accented quite well with white midsoles alongside a tonal upper. The kicks will retail for $120 USD, seeing a release exclusively through Commonwealth retail locations.
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Now playing: Lupe Fiasco - Sunshine

Twilight, Shmilight!

The kiddies are all in a roar over the latest installment of the Twilight series trailer for "New Moon". I, for one, cannot figure what all the fuss is about. The above clip premiered at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, in which the first move won damn near all the awards including best movie of the year [burr???]. I was watching the show thinking damn, this movie must be the shit; it must be on some Harry Potter type stuff. So, after I watched the show I decided to watch Twilight for the first time ever. I must say, that movie is some straight DOODOO CHEESE! I've never read the book, but I can say that the plot was pretty good; it had potential, but the writing sucks! The movie is centered around a 16 year old girl, Bella, who moves from her mom's house in Arizona to live with her father in Washington State, because her mother and boyfriend decide to start road tripping around America. Once in Washington, Bella falls in love with "the most mysterious guy in school'' and gets mixed up with high school Vampires that choose only to drink the blood of animals and can go out in the sun [where their skin glitters like diamonds].
There was so much about the movie that I could not understand. The biggest confusion came from the simplest of things such as towards the end where an evil vampire used the school's records to track down Bella's mom in Arizona when the mom was supposed to be in Florida. He did all of this without knowing the girl's name. How he lured a woman in Florida to Arizona in one night, all the while traveling from Washington to Arizona himself truly baffles me. There was even a part in the film where the antagonist magically got Bella's cell number and made one of those "I-have-your-mommy-hostage" calls with the mother on the line screaming for her life. Somehow the mother ended up safe [without anyone coming to her rescue], and had absolutely no recollection of being held hostage in the first place. Or how throughout the whole movie Bella kept alluding to the fact that she didn't dance, but it turned out that she took ballet lessons as a child. The freakin movie never explained why she stopped dancing! Also, when Bella's life was in danger she had to devise a plan to move out her fathers house [to protect him from the evil vampire that was obsessed with killing her for no reason]. She pretty much stormed through the house in the middle of the night, told him she felt trapped, and left. Let me clarify that; THIS MAN LET HIS 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TELL HIM THAT SHE WAS MOVING OUT, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, TO DRIVE ALL THE WAY BACK TO ARIZONA FROM WASHINGTON STATE BECAUSE SHE FELT TRAPPED!!!! WHO DOES THAT???! Might I add that all of this happened in less than five minutes. And the worst part was that they didn't even show vampire fangs in this here vampire movie! Over all, I was pretty annoyed by this film. I was even more annoyed when I realized that it beat out other great movies at the MTV awards, such as Milk and the Dark Knight. And for some odd reason, I still want to see the sequel. Damn the kiddies and their teenie-bopper vampire flicks!

i know i'm extra late, but here is my favorite moments from the mtv movie awards on sunday.

I was gonna do a post about Eminem getting tea-bagged by Borat, but who hasn't been blogging about that? Instead I choose to post what really caught my attention, and first it would have to be LeAnn Rimes singing "Jizz In My Pants" in a medly with Forest Whitaker singing "D*ck In a Box." Classic! Last would be the performance by Kings of Leon. Never heard of this band, but it was a great performance. Thats all.