Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kanye West "Good Morning"

Finally, finally, finally! I've been waiting for this since last year when I heard that Japanese artist Takashi Murakami would be doing the treatment. Just in case you're wondering, this is the sixth video off of Kanye's Graduation [not including the extra 2 for Flashing Lights], and 'Ye is reportedly working on a dvd that is to be released later this year.

Daddy Yankee Can Get It In The Ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you effin serious?!!!!!!! A fighter for the hispanic community????? I'm dumbfounded. Mr. Yankee is on some serious BULL right now. I wonder how much he got paid? John McCain never ceases to amaze me. He did so much to criticize Obama for being affiliated with celebrities, and now this!

Solange Dresses......

....Hmmm Solange may or may not be a fashion victim, but her album is seriously that new new, old school, spaceship riding stuff that music needs right now. Her sophomore album entitled Sol Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams dropped today, and I must say, it is a solid body of work. Solange definitely displayed a sufficient amount of growth vocally and lyrically since her debut album in 2003. Favorite tracks include God Given Name, I Decided [pt. 1], Valentines Day, This bird, Cosmic Journey, and ChampagneChroniKnightCap. This album is definitely expected to do great things. It has also been predicted that Solange will develop a cult following. Good job, good job.

I'm Kinda Mad at This!

Ok, so get this, at a routine checkpoint Denver police found riffles, ammunition, and drugs in a man's vehicle. They arrested the man, and that arrest led to two others. One of the men claimed that they wanted too kill senator Obama. Federal authorities suspect these men to be white supremacists, but they insist that these men pose no threat to Obama. ARE THEY F**KING SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! They found a weapon and got a confession, but "We're absolutely confident there is no credible threat to the candidate, the Democratic National Convention, or the people of Colorado," U.S. Attorney Troy Eid said in a statement. SMPH! I'm so mad, I can't think straight.....
But, anywho, Michelle Obama gave an excellent speech last night. She did a lot to "soften" her image. Here it is in it's entirety.