Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 Good Reasons Why JoJo Should Do A Mixtape

This summer I have been riding the JoJo train a lot. A while back I informed you all about the issues JoJo is having with her record label, and I mentioned how I thought she should do a mixtape. The following are five good reasons why I think a mixtape would be good for her career. Consider this my official petition.

5. A mixtape would be a good opportunity for JoJo to display her raw musical creativity / talent and express herself without the naysayers at the label.

4. The fans want to hear JoJo. Shes been out of the spotlight for some time now, and people are more so remembering her for that one Lifetime TV movie she did, and not her actual singing talent. I don't think she ever got the recognition she deserved from the start.

3. With the slumping music industry, artists MUST create a buzz for themselves these days. Sure, shes been ready to release her album for over a year, but who is to say that it will actually sell?

2. Look what a mixtape did for Drake and Lil Wayne. Drake, who had been a virtually unknown artist for years, made So Far Gone and in a few months he was a household name. Lil Wanye, who also had been making music for years, spent a year and recorded almost 2,000 songs. His next album sold over one million in a week. Get my drift?

1. The chick has talent!!! At the tender age of 18, JoJo has the potential to be one of the greats! Check the music if you think I'm lying.

If you feel how I feel, sign the Twitition! Also check her MySpace for more music, and follow her on Twitter.
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