Monday, June 8, 2009

+Burr??? The New Boyz Shop At Wet Seal?

Supra Fall 2009 Footwear | Skytop, Vaider, Suprano Hi

Not as innovative as I would like, but the designs were already ahead of their time. The new colorways are dope though.
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Louis Vuitton “Core Values”

Whyred Autumn/Winter 2009

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Whats Wrong With This Picture

More than a few people are in a uproar over this new Black princess movie being made by Disney. First people were upset because this princes has some type of curse that makes her ugly at some point in the film. Now folks are upset because she falls in love with a racially ambiguous prince. I, for one, am on the fence. In no way am I against interracial dating, but lets check Disney's credentials. Aladdin and Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and her prince, Snow White and her prince, The Little Mermaid, the cartoon Cinderella; what do all these characters have in common? Now check this new movie, and the Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney Houston; what do they have in common? I'm just saying.....
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The Cleveland Show (Trailer)

This looks moderately funny.....

T-Pain Is A Fool For This LOL

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Group of dancers wearing Hammer Pants flashmob a trendy store and surprise hipsters in skinny jeans.

Lol. I'm trying to tell the world that the Hamer pants are making a comeback. Maybe not the shiny ones, but the overall design will hit hard within the next three years.

Mario ft. Ludacris "Spectacular"