Thursday, May 21, 2009

PF Flyers Spring 2009

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Ummm, Whats Wrong With This Picture????

Follow the security guard's eyes lol. "Yes Ms. Carey / Cannon, that's a lovely photo ID!" LMAO
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Nike Sportswear Dunk High Premium “Purple Ice”

Available now at select Nike Sportswear dealers.
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Beyonce "Ego"

Can someone please tell me why one of the biggest selling artist insist that all her videos look the same??? This is what I like to call expensive garbage.

Tae Yang [Its Crazy How Music Transends Color]

This is one of the reasons why the internet is the greatest invention of man. It gives you the opportunity to expose yourself to stuff that you would never find in your local neighborhood. Tae Yang is a 24 year old Korean R&B artist. This guy is like the Asian Chris Brown / Usher / Omarion. These video are kinda old [circa 2008], but all I want to know is who is this guys choreographer? Some of his moves are pretty spiffy.

The 5th Rock from the Sun

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KATE MOSS: LATEST TOPSHOP COLLECTION [First Ashley Olsen, Then Gwen Stefani, and Now I Have a Thing For Kate Moss]

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