Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guess Who Made the Cover of People.....

....And McCain claims the media is obsessed with Obama. Well, hes right, but the real reason McCain hasn't caught on in the media is because hes a Republican. Nobody likes Republicans, and hes old too.

Alex Pardee x Zerofriends SDCC Exclusive Limited Print Release

I guess its safe to say that, like me, the whole world is obsessed with anything Batman right now.

Solange is So Strange!!!

Check Solange's new album cover for The Hadley St. Dreams.

The Bentley Laptop

The Bentley laptop from Ego features industry level specs, but an outer appearance that is like none other. Each unit is hand built and is made from the same leather as the Bentley car seats. The interior is finished with the iconic blue paint and it has a built in handle for easy carrying. The indulgent gadget is very big compared to many other thin and sleek laptops currently in the market, but let’s be honest, the people buying this laptop aren’t exactly throwing it in a backpack.

The Bentley Laptop will be available early next year and will retail for approximately $19,943 USD.