Monday, September 15, 2008

Can You Spot the Lies

Its about time that Barack got up in McCain's throat, but I must say, he only put his toes in! People, those who are blind to the truth, really need to see McCain as the liar he is. But as usual, McCain is back at it trying to convince the public that he is a "change" candidate".

Now, please tell me, how can someone bring about so much change and reform if 9 times out of 10 they agreed with past policies? I am so sick of these republicans acting like the past eight years haven't happened. Obama "08!

Say it ain't So!!!!!

Lawd have mercy!!!!! People magazine has confiremd that J-Hudd is engaged to David "Punk" Otunga from reality series I Love New York!

"Hudson and boyfriend, David Otunga, have gotten engaged, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I can confirm that Jennifer got engaged to her boyfriend David on Friday night in L.A." says the rep. Otunga, who is known as "Punk" from the reality show I Love New York 2, popped the question with a Neil Lane diamond ring on the Dreamgirls Oscar winner's 27th birthday. The couple, who have been dating less than a year, both hail from Chicago. Professionally, it is a busy time for Hudson as well. Her debut solo album, Jennifer Hudson, will be in stores Sept. 30, and her next film, The Secret Life of Bees opens on Oct. 17. "

Are we being punked???? I just know we are! What the hell is going on??? I don't even have words for this [hmmmm yeah I do...]. What would posses J-Hudd to date New York's sloppy seconds? I'm not familiar with who this dude is [mostly because I tend to block trash off of my television], but this dude WANTED to date New York! "And I am telling you" this sh*t ain't gonna last!

ps; Brotha man looks very suspect also!
Hmmmm..... wait a minute.... This just in.....

Doesn't This "Punk" dude look like Terry McMillian's gay ex husband?!!!!! ROFLMAO!