Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammys 2009: the Best and Worst of Fashion

The Best

Forgive me for putting M.I.A. on the best dressed list, but only she can pull it off. Ofcourse the Jonas Brothers would get best dressed, because they always are. Kudos to Miley Sirus, the kid cleans up nice. I'm kinda pissed that Solange was overlooked when it came to nominations; she recieved a whopping zero [smph!], but she came correct of the red carpet last night.

The Worst

Estelle, Estelle, Estelle! WTF?????!!!!!! I caught a glipse of this last night and nearly puked [partially because of a hangover lol]. Natalie Cole, whats up with the chains. We are mostly free of oppression, I dont get it. the dress would be half way decent with out it. Paris Hilton should have never shown up. This was the Grammys aferall, and she looks like she was headed to the MTV awards after party. Cindy Lauper apparently is still stuck in the bad porion of the 80's, bless her heart. And Paula Abdule????? I have no words. Zooey Deschanel, IDK who this woman is, but yeesh!