Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ryan Leslie is the New Stephon Urkel!!!

Musical genius Ryan Leslie dropped his sophomore album "Transition" yesterday only months after his critically acclaimed self titled debut album. What really impresses me about this dude is not only his tenacity, but the fact that this man went into the studio ALONE, produced an album by playing ALL the instruments, and came out with a hot album with ONLY ONE feature from another artist! BOW IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATNESS!
He begins the album with [my favorite] a funk inspired "Never Gonna Break Up". This song has probably climbed up my top 25 faster than any other that has ever been imported into my iTunes [currently #11]. I must say that I don't understand why Leslie titled the album "transition", because I would say its more of a follow up to his previous work, which is not a bad thing at all. Ryan Leslie has so much [for a lack of better word] swag for one individual. Not only is he singing on the album, he actually raps too, and it doesn't suck. He did a little rapping on the previous album, but he actually goes in on "Something That I Like" with Pusha T. Other songs of note include "Zodiac", and a Stephon Urkel reminiscent "Rescue U" on the deluxe edition. "Transition" is definitely a must have for any serious R&B buffs. Download it from iTunes here.
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