Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Album Review: In Love & War by Amerie

Yesterday Amerie released her highly anticipated fourth album "In Love & War", and I must say that it is one of the best R&B releases this year. This album definitely proves that there is a place for Amerie in mainstream music.
After much criticism and a brief disappearance from the music scene, Amerie is back with much ferocity, and her sound is better than ever. With songs such as "Tell Me You Love Me", "Dangerous", and "Why R U" she reminds us exactly why we like her and rooted for her in the past. Not only does she give us her classic go-go sound, she delivers a different sound on "Higher", a 1960s Jimi Hendrix inspired groovy rock jam, and "Red Eye", a smooth ballad produced by Bryan-Michael Cox. Although I have never pinned Amerie as one of the best female vocals, and she does have some shaky notes throughout the album, she makes up for it with her unique sound. Get it on iTunes here.
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Anonymous said...

i love the album..and the vids for the singles so far! i wish her all the best! amerie fan 4 life!

Anonymous said...

follow her on twitter @itsmeAmerie