Sunday, June 28, 2009

What MJ Meant to Me...

I really hate it that it seems like the whole world is on the MJ train right now, because I really do miss this guy. Even though most of everybody who knows me would say that Kanye West is my favorite artist [because he is], Michael was the root of it all. Because of the iconic imagery that I witnessed as a kid, I am who I am today. Real talk: I've sat in my room since Thursday, and I thought about it; I really don't think I'd be running around with metallic gold and purple shoes if I had never seen Michael's swag, especially around the late '80s ans early '90s. The way he carried himself as a king with the bejeweled military jackets and all those bodyguards! WHO DOES THAT?! What Mike gave us between 1984 and 1995 was sheer perfection! No step off beat, no hanging threads, and not a hair out of place! I know the lyrics to damn near every song in his solo career! When I think about the Dangerous album; it was the beginning of high brow, luxurious, and fashionable pop music! GENIUS! My childhood is full of MJ memories..... And who can forget the Smooth Criminal video game for Sega???! He was the forgotten King that was replaced with legions of imitators and swag hackers! He was an innovator! A musical genius! An Icon! He was the "Michael Jackson" of music!!!!! lol
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