Monday, June 29, 2009

The BET Awards 09; It Was SOOOO Slow!

Well, what can I say???? THE FxCKIN BET AWARDS SUCKED SOOOOO MUCH ASS! The whole Michael Jackson death was such a boost to the ratings, and sure enough BET dropped the ball! I'm not even going to go in on the pre-show and how it looked like a high school talent show. I'm not even gonna go in on how Joe Jackson was on the red carpet plugging his new record label. And I'm not even gonna go in on how the show was FOUR [4] HOURS LONG! Lets just start with the opening act! New Edition [I seriously had to think about who they were for a minute]! Nobody knew who the hell they were when the show started!!! And how about BET got a six [6] member group to do a tribute to the Jackson 5 !!!!

And I just keep thinking about how Deborah Lee said that they put the show together in 3 or 4 days because they wanted to "celebrate" the life of MJ. Well, it showed! That shit looked like it was thrown together! Jamie Foxx was killing me! This man couldn't read the teleprompter for shit! And how many times did he sing??? And how about Beyonce? I just knew she was gonna do a tribute to MJ and kill it, but yet again she disappointed me by by doing some weird ass shit that she jacked from her tour! This chick got on stage with a wedding dress and tiara and sung Sarah Mclaughlin's "In the Arms of an Angel"! Was she freaking serious? They kicked LeToya Luckett off the main stage for that?!

What REALLY pissed me off about the BET Awards was the fact that they kept saying how they were going to do a tribute to MJ, but they never did a big, epic dance number!!!!!! How the hell do you do a MJ tribute without dancing????! That was some straight up bull shit! That right there killed me! LITERALLY!!! The only thing that I liked was Maxwell's performance of "Pretty Wings"! He was the only person who performed on par with award show standards. You could have taken his performance and put it on any award show and it would have fit in seamlessly! Him and Jamie's first performance of "Blame It".

Even though Keri Hilson was doing THE MOST, she had the most up beat performance of the night.

Overall the tempo of the show was so slow!!! And did I mention that it lasted for FOUR HOURS?????!!!! Ugh! At one point, I felt like I was watching the BET Awards from 1972! Don Cornelious gave such a long, winded, and SLOW speech to honor the O'Jays!!!! Oh my shit I thought I was gonna die! As I stated, BET dropped the ball! I bet the ratings were so high seeing as how this was the first award show after Michael's death. CNN was even on the red carpet. I can't wait to read the other blogs that are surely going to trash the award show. Consider this the first! The BET Awards gets a solid D- from me!

Oh yeah, big ups to Drake, who made his network premire. Sucks that he had to perform from a stool because he tore his ACL [whatever that is]. And I'm mad Lil Wayne got his lil girls dancing to "I wish I could Fxck every girl in the world." Smph!!!

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree on the Lil Wayne comment. WTF was that about? Training the next crop of video ho's? Great message!