Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama & Biden

Well folks, its official, Obama has asked Joe Biden to be his running mate [sorry Hillary....syke]. Above is the image that appears on Obama's website. The news was leaked around midnight, and CNN was the first to diseminate it. There was some criticism, of Obama, on how the news was leaked. Previously the Obama camp asked supporters to sign up to recieve a text message that would allow them to be the first to know Obama's VP pick. I did get a text, but it was a little late [about 4 hours late] when it came around 4:30am EST. A similar message was released on Facebook around the same time. Probably what happened was that everyone didnt get the text at the same time; some got it early and the news was then leaked to the press. Although some say that Biden is a good choice due to his expertise in foreign affairs, I'm still scratching my head on it. Biden, the 65 year old senator from Delaware, has been known to run off at the mouth a few times. Of course the McCain camp has shown lightning speed by putting out an ad already.

Hmmm...... The ad might be making a point. It looks like I just have to trust Obama's judgement on his decision. Team Obama is poised to make an official announcement today at 3pm. Coverage will be live at The following is a smart ad [15 cool points] that Obama placed on late last night.