Saturday, August 23, 2008

George Obama

The comments on Youtube seem to be flowing in around the clock as this CNN interview with George Obama, Barack's half brother, has surfaced. People are saying that Barack should be ashamed of himself for letting his brother live in such conditions. Well, I think those people should shut the hell up! In this video and in Baracks autobiography, George clearly wants to make a life for himself. So what; one of the neighbors thinks Barack should improve their way of living. She is no relative of the family; she is virtually the same as anyone who put their two cents in at Youtube. This video kinda grinds my gears [just a little]. Why isn't anyone going to great lengths to dig into John and Cindy McCain's lives? Cindy has a half sister that she doesn't even accnowledge. Cindy's father was unfaithful and divorced his first wife to married her mother leaving her half sister, Kathleen Portalski, to be raised in a single family home. But yet Cindy has been quoted sevral times on CNN and in the New York Times as being an only child. How about them apples?! I don't see what all this fuss is about. Barack clearly spilled the beans on his family long before he even thought about being president.