Friday, July 11, 2008

Top 5 Sell-Outs in America

5. Tiger Woods. Anyone who would ever go out of their way to deny their heritage is a huge sell out. How many times has this guy stated that he is mixed with Chinese and a bunch of other bull?The fact of the matter is that Tiger Woods id Black! it doesn't matter how many white women he sleeps with, how many times he dyes his hair blond, he will always be black.

4. Juan Williams. Any and all Black persons who work for Fox News is a sell out. This guy even admitted that the fact that Obama is Black and has a Muslim name is an issue for him. In fact, not only are the black people at Fox a bunch of sell outs, any black person who prefers Fox news is a sell out.

3. Al Sharpton. What the hell does this guy do for a living? Sure he marched with King, sure he is a civil right activist, but where the hell is he when Black people aren't in distress? This man tries so hard to be the spokesperson for Black America. Al Sharpton, please sit down!

4. Condeliza Rice. "Weapons of mass destruction"! That should be enough to rest my case, but what really grinds my gears is the fact that she still insist on riding George Bush's dick to this day! The story of Codeliza reminds me of how slaves died alongside their owners in the Revolutionary War. They themselves, who have been beaten and stolen from their families, where not fighting for their own freedom, they were fighting to free their owners from high taxes. In spite of every thing, this house Negro has stayed loyal to massa!

1. The Black Republicans. Black and Republican?????! What an oxymoron. These people here are the biggest sell outs because they are riding McCain's nuts real hard right now. I seriously don't see how anyone could vote for that guy. Sure he has more years of experience than Obama, but compare the two and its plain to see that Barak has done so much more in his shore time as senator than McCain has in all of his 20 something years.