Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Erykah Badu + Veg News Magazine

Peep Erykah Badu in the newest cover of Veg News magazine. Also, Erykah blasts “haters” for criticizing her 3rd pregnancy by yet another dude:

“How dare you disrespect the queendom … and my children and my intelligence. I’ve never been so disgusted in all of my life,” the singer began in her rant.
“I am a great mother and caregiver to my two children, and to this world,” Badu wrote. “My children are two of the kindest and happiest people I have met … I am their doctor and their nurse, and even sometimes their mother and their father. I am an excellent mother and resent all of the negative comments and insults on my character.
“I put much time and though into having and raising my children. I’ve had the honors of having two home births and two wonderful partners by my side. Every relationship I have been in was because i loved the person dearly and was dedicated to us ‘exclusively’ for a number of years. The fathers of my children are my brothers and friends. We have a great deal of respect for one another and always will. We love out children to no end. We took our own ‘vows’ and continue to uphold them, and that is what that is. Question? What is marriage? Who is the judge? … Would it ‘look better’ to marry and divorce and marry again?”

She did admit that she may lose a few fans, but didn’t care, refusing to bite her tongue. “If I lose you as a fan because I want to continue to have children, then f*** off … who needs you … certainly not me … kick rocks … call Tyrone … pack light … bite me,” Badu wrote.
At the end, she signs off with a big “kiss my placenta.”