Friday, December 25, 2009

Most Influential Albums of the Decade

First, do note that my list isn't for everyone lol. The albums I put in this list may or may not have landed at the top of the charts throughout the past ten years, but, to me, these albums are the top of the top. Coming in at number one is probably my favorite album of all time. I cant even count how many times I bought, lost, and repurchased "In Search Of..." by N.E.R.D. In all honesty, this album got me through high school [no easy task]. Although this album pretty much went unnoticed, people really started to catch on after lead singer Pharrell Williams blew up and became one of the most recognized voices in hip hop and a fashion trend-setter. "In Search Of..." is not for the kids who move from one pop fad to the next. With its reoccurring high school themes and sentiments, its clear this album was made strictly for the misfits; for the kids who felt like gaulky outsiders to the "All American" image / lifestyle that is often idolized by not only high school kids, but adults of all ages. Not only are the lyrics incredible, the experimental sound that N.E.R.D ushered in has been duplicated by many. After initially releasing the album with synthesized beats and melodies, it was re-released with real instruments as the backing tracks elevating its sound and instantaneously transforming it into a classic. "In Search of..." is definitely an album that will be in my music library as long as I live!
The remaining albums are in no particular order and should be cherished for various reasons. Check them out below.

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