Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV VMAs 2009

Gaga and P!nk had the best performances of the night, hands down! Lady Gaga is a true artist. Even though I really don't care for her music, her performances are always theatrical and over the top, which I love.

P!nk is so talented. Who else has ever sung live while jumping and flipping 20ft in the air in a circus inspired acrobatic show??? Whats even more impressive is that she never missed a note. None of the other performances stuck out to me. Not even Beyonce or Jay. I'm not even going to go in on Kanye West and his little stunt last night. It was rude and uncalled for. Even though he apologized on his blog, he really needs to be ashamed of himself. For the first time ever, I genuinely didn't like that man, and y'all know I'm a big fan. But overall the show was good, and Russel Brand didn't annoy me as much as I thought he would.