Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kid Cudi's Album Got Leaked

Kid Cudi's album got leaked last night [ironically on a full moon]. Legally I cant tell you all to download copy-written material, nor can I post a link to it. I will say that Cudi's album is pretty decent. My favorite song off the record is "Heart of a Lion" hands down! I need to meditate on it some more to judge the lyrical content [he did go deep on some of these songs]. I might actually buy it when it comes out next week. Cudi surprised me by releasing a concept album that actually has a good story line. The best part is that this story is narrated by Chicago rapper Common. What really intrigues me is the thought of what this guy will sound like in five years. After reneging on a promise to retire after his first solo project we can only hope that Cudi lasts that long lol.

"Oh shit my album got leaked lol oh well. Enjoy yall :)" - via Kid Cudi's twitter.
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