Monday, August 17, 2009

The Best of ABDC Week 2

Over all, this weeks episode was WACK! I feel that the stupid Beyonce challenges ruined the performances. Not only did they make the Massive Monkeys dance to "Work It Out", but they had to hula-hoop too. How lames is that?! Even though I know everyone was waiting to see what the Queens [Vogue Evolution] were gonna do, I feel that their performance was hella awkward. They did get the best challenge though. African dance is not easy. Even so I still don't want to miss their performance next week. They are liable to do anything lol.
I still don't see why We Are Heroes is on the show [call me a hater if you want], but they cannot touch Beat Freaks with a rubber glove and a ten foot pole. I must say that I was surprised with AfroBorike's performance. I thought they were the weakest crew last week, and I SOOOO thought they were gone tonight when they had to battle Artistry In Motion. They actually had one of the strongest performances of the night. After reviewing the show I would put them and Rhythm City at the top of the totem. One thing I love about RC is that they give REAL choreography, and they kill it. I have no doubt that they will be one of the final crews. In the mean time, we'll just have to sit through whatever retarded challenges the producers can think of next.
More photos via MTV.
PS; I actually voted tonight.