Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Electrik Red "How To Be A Lady: Vol. 1"

It seems like Electrik Red is not doing so well. Their album debut at 100 on the Billboard charts with a whopping 5,000 record sales its first week and has to date sold only 6,000+ total. That's just embarrassing. I'm listening to the album now, and so far its pretty good, I just want to know where is all the promo. To date I have only seen / heard one single from these chicks, but my research tells me that they have released four singles including the remix of "So Good" featuring Lil Wayne. In fact, I'm starting to like these chicks. They make me think of a present day EnVogue. The album was largely produced by The-Dream and his partner Tricky Stewart. Check it below and decide for yourself.