Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Behind The Scenes Preview of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" Video

Another video from Beyonce. This one actually might be hotter than Single Ladies & Diva. Lord knows this chick has been slacking with these lame ass videos. As usual she has swag jacked yet another star. Check the metalalic gold body suit and tell me she didnt jack Lady Gaga's style from the Paparazzi video. Click here and tell me if I'm lying. Smph!


Anonymous said...

does no one remember when beyonce use to do this same shit at the beginning of get me bodied. bet awards and on tour. so i dont think she swag jacked gaga yet.

malik|alexander said...

you mean when she was like the robot statue? she got that from kylie minogue.

HKO said...

NOOOOOOO your so wrong, because Lady Gaga jacked Beyonce w. the vintage T. Mugler piece. In Bey's tour, the intro to DIVA was a silver rendition of this piece. LG just hopped onto Thierry Mugler, while Bey has been working w. him for a while.

and Lady Gaga also bit of Bey NOW rockin Balmain.