Monday, May 18, 2009

My Brief Conversation with "Sister" Patterson [New York aka Tiffany Pollard's Mother] on Twiter

I just happened to have come across Sister Patterson's page and was baffled by the fact that she really calls herself "Sister" [If you're familiar with her you will know why I'm baffled lol]. I randomly mentioned her in one of my tweets, which resulted in the following.

that_freshkid09: I'm still mad that New York's mom calls herself @SisterPatterson. LMAO

sisterpatterson: @that_freshkid09....well cut your head off and stuff your inners with cheese wiz.

that_freshkid09: @SisterPatterson You just proved my point!

*And moefoes said Twitter was extra lame! Ha! It got me my first celebrity interview lol.