Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear Diddy, Can We Kick Que Out Of The Group Already????

So I know you all have been transfixed with the new season of Making The Band 4 just like me lol. I'm just flabbergasted by the amount of bitchassness radiating from this Que dude. What the heck is this man's problem. Every episode hes getting into it with someone else. Last night this dude even snapped on the management, AND he started a fist fight with Brian. How rude! It seems to me that every time the guys hit the studio, your boy Que starts bitching over some "shady shit" that's been going on, which inevitably makes him feel like he has to leave, resulting in someone else singing his parts. I'm sitting here wondering if this guy is even going to be on the album. Speaking of the album, I hope they don't think I will be buying it! Imma download that bitch because we all know they wont last by the end of the year. I cant wait for the next episode. It looks like Diddy will be making executive decisions that will hurt somebody's feelings. Obviously he wont be making any cuts [besides the remaining chicks of Danity Kane], but I'm still interested. Check the newest single from Day 26 "Put It On Her" as well as a preview for next week's episode below. I bet you can guess who doesn't get much shine..... SMPH!

PS; I'm so mad Que had on my shoes [yes, they were Supras]!