Monday, February 16, 2009

Would You take Drivers Ed from a Reckless Driver????

I could be stupid, but I feel a little perplexed. As you all should know, President Obama has been on the recieving end of plenty of critisism from the Republican party because of his stimulus package. Apparently only 3 Republicans voted for it. People like John McCain have been openly critical about Obama's effort to "reach accross the aisle". McCain has even gone as far to say that Obama has done a "terrible" job of reaching accross the aisle. This got me thinking. Up until justa few weeks ago, who had been running the country for eight years? Republicans. And what type of government were they running? These people act as if the current economic porblems have just magically appeared over the last 27 days. They've been doing all this talk about how Obama is not listenign to their party's concerns. Well, guess who won the election! And guess how most economist say he did it. I'll give you a hint; its because of his ecomnomic policies. Which means that inversly the losers lost because of theirs. Its funny how the people who gave a hand in driving us off a cliff are now trying to give us driving lessons.