Monday, August 18, 2008

Iron Man, Please Sit Down!

Well, apparently Mr. Downey Jr. isnt much of a fan of The Dark Knight. His latest film, Tropic Thunder, recently knocked Batman from number one at the box office this weekend. The following is what he had to say about Batman in a recent interview with Movie Hole:

"My whole thing is that that I saw ‘The Dark Knight. I'm like, 'That's not my idea of what I want to see in a movie.' I loved 'The Prestige' but didn't understand 'The Dark Knight'. Didn't get it, still can't tell you what happened in the movie, what happened to the character…I'm like, 'I get it. This is so high-brow and so f---ing smart, I clearly need a college education to understand this movie,'” the actor ranted before adding, “You know what? F--- DC comics. That's all I have to say and that's where I'm really coming from.”

How dumb! Mr. Iron Man just might have "went full retard" for that comment. Since when did anyone ever feel like they needed a college education to understand a Batman movie? I don't even know why anyone would pay to see Iron Man in blackface.


movie junkie said...

it's funny that Robert Downey Jr. said the Dark Knight is too sophisticated when he himself tends to sound so sophisticated