Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Really Feeling this One Here

Grind Mode - "Shes so Fly [I'm so High]"

The grind. The word is used so much in Hip-Hop circles that it’s almost cliché but now and again there comes an act that epitomizes the word. Hailing from various parts of the Hip-Hop haven that is Miami, Grind Mode is poised to be the next superstar rap group. With the upcoming release of their debut album, I Will Grind, rappers Andre “McKlezie” Wallace, Yvan “Hunger” Benony and Jeremy “Chaos” Hannah are out to maintain their city’s rap dominance with an indelible brand of genre bending, club ready Hip-Hop music.
Even thought the lyrical content of this one is kinda slack, and the beat reminds me of Sensual Seduction, this song is still the ish right now. Plus the kaleidoscope effect used in the video is tight.