Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Night

OK, so me and a friend went to see the 12am showing of the Dark Night this morning. We were sitting in the theater for sometime before everyone in there started to notice that the movie was late. Long story short, the projector in that theater was messed up, we had to move to another, and someone made a joke about fashioning a noose from the theater curtains [never say anything about a noose around Black people]. The movie didn't start until after 1am.
But anyways, THE DARK NIGHT IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!! Seriously, its one of the best movies I've seen in a while. For all 2.5 hours of the film, I actually believed in these characters. The script was phenomenal, the stunts were ridiculously stupid [that means good], and HEATH LEDGER PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!! This dude played his role! Seriously, his performance rivaled Johnny Depp at his best! I was watching the red carpet premiere for the Dark Knight earlier this week, and everyone was going on and on about how Heath deserved an Oscar for his role as the Joker. I thought they were just saying that because he was dead [no offense], but this guy actually might deserve one. I really believed he was a crazy man running around the streets slashing peoples faces. All the suspense nearly killed me!
The only problems that I had with the film is one; too many black people died for no reason. At first I was like "Hey, Batman has Black people in it!" But, to my memory, the majority of the people who died were Black. The other problem was that Maggie Gyllenhaal took over the role as Rachel Dawes [formerly played by Katie Holmes]. This Maggie Gyllenhaal is UGLY! Great actress, but ugly. So ugly I just couldn't get past it!
Overall, the Dark Night is the movie to see. It combines action with horror and some serious drama. Best movie since Fight Club, and I'll probably go see it again.