Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Choking Game????

I caught a rerun of Oprah last night, and I was perplexed by one of the subjects that were being discussed. Apparently kids have come up with a new way to get high without drugs. Its called the choking game [no joke]. Apparently some kids wrap objects such as belts, nooses and even their hands around their necks to render themselves unconscious. Evidently when they awake they supposedly feel light headed and tingly as if they were high. Of course people have died from this, and there even is an online support group called G.A.S.P. the site includes a forum where people [even adults] are claiming to be addicted to it! I'm probably being a bit insensitive when I say this, but white kids never cease to amaze me! Why would you choke yourself to get high? It will be a chilly day in hell before kids from the hood hang themselves with a noose to get high.....